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Hi, I’m Paul Urwin, the Director of 100 Percent Languages Ltd.

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At 100 Percent Languages, we help companies create and translate content, so that they can build their brand and global reach.

I started working in languages over 20 years ago, and today my I focus on helping companies achieve worldwide recognition and increase sales.  100 Percent Languages helps companies translate any existing content they might need in another languages, from complex legal contracts to snazzy marketing brochures.

However, many companies still don’t have the content they need to increase their global reach, and so we also help them to develop it when required.

If you are looking to develop your company’s global footprint, please contact us and I will get back straight away for to set up an initial, free and no-obligation consultation.

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Paul is a languages entrepreneur, conference speaker, coach and digital author with many years’ experience in the fields of translations, language teaching and voiceovers.  He was born in Scotland, grew up in England, and lives in Colombia, most of the time.

He is the CEO of 100 Percent Languages Ltd., a UK-registered company specializing in language services worldwide and Director of Inglés Bogotá, one of Colombia’s premier Language Service Providers (LSPs) offering language instruction, translation, conference interpreting and voiceovers. He is also a voiceover talent and has recorded for Ford, Totto, Telmex, Claro and GlaxoSmithKline, amongst many others and also works as a director to guide other voiceover talents.

He hosts two successful podcasts, the 100 Percent Business English Podcast (for English learners) and the 100 Percent Translations Podcast (for translators) both of which can be found on iTunes and Stitcher.  He has also chaired the Student Involvement Committee of the Spanish Division of the American Translators Association and thrives on helping others with their professional development, particularly in in the fields of finance, technology, sales and marketing.