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Through our partner, we are able to provide a full suite of multilingual content creation services, including:

Written Content

There are a number of ways in which the use of written content can help increase your presence online, and  enable your brand to achieve a greater international presence, especially when we consider the use of multilingual content.

This is probably explained best using an example.

Let’s suppose that a company based in the US, let’s call it XQZ Computers, wants to increase their brand awareness, and ultimately develop sales both home and abroad.

First of all, by writing catchy, interesting, compelling content – not to promote their brand as such – but to draw in readers within the tech space – they will be able to increase traffic to their site.  While many of the readers might be interested in finding a general solution or reading an opinion piece (rather than buying an XQZ Computer straight away), the relevant, innovative and interesting texts will help to increase awareness of the XQZ brand.

In addition, some of the site visitors may well be interested in buying products, and the fact that they are visiting the XQZ pages will help to increase the chances of selling and XQZ product.   The likelihood of such a purchase can be significantly be improved by the use of a “Call to Action” button or prompt – in other words, something that encourages the reader to take further action.  This might be to visit an online store, sign up to an email list, or to call for a free quote.  The visitor, initially attracted to the site by great content, can now be considered as a prospect, entering into an online sales funnel.

This strategy can be extended even further by the use of multilingual sites and multilingual content, attracting readers / site visitors from Latin America (in Spanish), Europe (German, French, Spanish etc.) and in fact, from anywhere in the world as long as the great content is either translated to, or produced in, the appropriate language.

Audio Content

What is so good about audio?  Why should you consider using audio as part of your overall content marketing strategy?

Well, audio is fantastic.  I’ve been recording for many years and I am still surprised by just how quickly it can be produced and the reach it can achieve.

But I should point out that I’m also a big fan of other components of content marketing: article writing and video content to name but two.  It’s just that audio will always be special in terms of how it can help companies and organisations connect with their audience.

So, here are a few reasons to consider audio as part of your content marketing strategy:

1.  Production Speed

Audio is quicker to produce than video, after all it’s simpler – there are no images, just sound.

2.  File Size

The file size is always going to be smaller than an equivalent video, especially if we use a compressed format such as .mp3.  This makes uploading and hosting very easy.

3.  Special Connection Time

Audio can occupy a special space in terms of time, when other media fail to compete.  Examples are drive time and exercise time – audio is a big winner in these spaces (try reading an article while driving a car – wait, DON’T!)

4.  Audience Connection

Audio really allows you to get into the audience’s head.  It is kind of an up-close-and-personal medium and call really help forge a special connection between the host and the listener.

5.  SEO

Audio can be used to give a useful SEO boost to any of your content.  Not through the audio itself as it does not have any SEO value on its own, but by making a transcript of any audio that is produced, something that is quick and straightforward to do.

In conclusion, audio is probably not going to be your only medium.  But when combined with other forms of content marketing, such as article writing and video content, audio can really pack a punch and help you to take your reach to the next level.

Video Content

Video content can a really amazing way for getting clients to view other types of content.

For example, video teasers or video trailers are a great way to advertise a blog or podcast, and to get more people to actually consume those types of content.  Video content is really effective as a gateway, attracting visitors and generating interest.  It can be very effective as part of your overall content strategy.

Want to Find Out More?

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