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German to English Translation Services


English to German Translation Services: Language Considerations

German is mostly spoken in Central Europe.  It is, of course, the official language of Germany, and is also the most widely-spoken language in Austria, Switzerland and parts of Italy and Belgium, as well as being the official language or joint official language in these locations.

Worldwide, German is spoken by around 95 million native speakers and is the most commonly-spoken language within the European Union.  There are around 80-90 million people who speak German as a second language.

In addition, it is the third most used language on websites (after English and Russian).

According to the Foreign Service Institute, German is a Category II Language in terms of its difficulty for a native English speaker

From a translation and localization point of view, at 100 Percent Languages Ltd., we work with the very best native German, Austrian and Swiss translators who have attained a very high level of English, and all of whom have spent a significant amount of time living and working in an English-speaking country.  We work with native German-speaking translators because the translation (in this case, English to German translation) will always be more accurate when it is carried out by a translator translating INTO his or her native language. We also work with German translators who are true bilinguals – in other words, they are native speakers of both languages.

Our English to German translators also have significant experience and are certified professionals – we only work with the very best linguists in order to ensure that our clients receive very high-quality translations.

English to German Translation: The Business Environment

Germany is a European powerhouse, with the largest national European economy and the fifth largest Nominal GDP in the world (behind the US, China and Japan).  It is also the third largest exporter and the top global location for international trade fairs.

English is still the language of choice for many businesses, especially those with an international presence and this factor, combined with the characteristics of the German economy, mean that many companies and organizations require German to English translation, and English to German translation.

English to German Translation Services from 100 Percent Languages Ltd.

At 100 Percent Languages, we work with outstanding English to German translators and adhere to the highest quality standards in order to provide an excellent service to our clients around the globe. We have many years’ experience translating from English to German and have translated medical reports, marketing brochures, legal documents and financial information (including financial statements), among others.  Our large and experienced team means we are able to handle large projects – we are able to manage high volumes in relatively short periods of time when translating from English to German.  We are very competitive in terms of price and offer a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.


German to English Translation


How we charge for English to German Translation

As is the case with most translation companies, we charge based on a cost per word.   This is typically the main factor when quoting a document for translation.  However, other factors are also taken into account, such as the required delivery time and the format of the document.  One point is for certain – at 100 Percent Languages Ltd., we aim to offer our clients the fairest and most-competitive prices on the market for the translation of documents from English to German.  Click here to get a quote today!

Other Language Pairs

As well as English to German translation, we also offer translation in other language pairs that include German, such as German to English, and the less common German to Spanish and German to Japanese, as well as many other language pairs that do not include German (e.g. Spanish to Italian).

English to German Translation Services: Next Steps

In conclusion, if you are looking for English to German Translation Services, produced while adhering to the highest quality standards, delivered on time, and at low cost, you’ve come to the right place!

Get in touch using the button below and we’ll get a quote out to you right away!

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