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korean to english translation

Korean to English Translation: Language Considerations

Korean is the official language of both North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and South Korea (Republic of Korea).  There are some 50 millions speakers of Korean in South Korea, 25 million in North Korea, and together with speakers in China, Japan, the US and elsewhere there are some 80 million speakers worldwide.

In South Korea, the Korean alphabet is called Hangul and has been used since the 15th century.  The letters are combined to make characters (or syllable blocks) and typically around two Korean characters make up one word in English.

For example,

좋은 아침 (four characters or syllable blocks)

means “Good Morning”.

From a language learning perspective, Korean is probably not as difficult for a Native English Speaker to learn when compared with Mandarin or Japanese. For more on learning Korean, I suggest starting with this excellent article:

From a translation and localization point of view, at 100 Percent Languages Ltd., we work with the very best native English translators (from the UK, US, Canada, Australia and others) who have attained a very high level of Korean, and all of whom have spent a significant amount of time living and working in South Korea. We work with native English translators because the translation (in this case, Korean to English translation) will always be more accurate when it is carried out by a translator translating INTO his or her native language. We also work with Korean translators who are true bilinguals – in other words, they are native speakers of both languages.

Our Korean to English translators also have significant experience and are certified professionals – we only work with the very best linguists in order to ensure that our clients receive very high-quality translations.

Korean to English Translation: The Business Environment

In recent decades, South Korea has shown very impressive economic growth, and companies such as Samsung and Hyundai are household names around the globe.

According to the World Bank’s Doing Business report, Korea is the 5th easiest place in the world to do business. This, together with financial and tax incentives, has encouraged international companies to establish their headquarters in Korea and has led to increasing levels of business between South Korea, the US, Europe and the rest of the world.

This higher level of business interaction and international trade has in turn led to a higher demand for Korean translation, both from Korean to English and English to Korean, and 100 Percent Languages Ltd. has helped many companies in South Korea and the rest of the world with their Korean translation needs.

korean to english translation services

Korean to English Translation from 100 Percent Languages Ltd.

At 100 Percent Languages, we work with the very best Korean to English translators to ensure the very highest quality standards.  We have many years’ experience translating from Korean to English and have translated financial reports, marketing brochures, legal documents and medical information, among others.  We are also able to manage high volumes when translating from Korean to English, are very competitive in terms of price and offer a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

How we charge for Korean to English Translation

Most translations are based on the number of words to be translated, although other factors such as delivery time and format of the document are also taken into account.

When translating from Korean to English, the principle is the same, the only difference being that the cost is usually based on a per-character rather than a per word price.

Other Language Pairs

As well as Korean to English translation, we also offer translation in other language pairs that include Korean, such as English to Korean, and the less common Korean to Spanish and Korean to German, as well as many other language pairs that do not include Korean (e.g. Spanish to German).

korean to english translation
Seoul, South Korea

Korean to English Translation: Next Steps

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-quality Korean to English translation, delivered on time, and at low cost, get in touch using the button below and we’ll get a quote out to you right away!

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