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multilingual content creation

What is Multilingual Content Creation?

Multilingual content creation is the creation of content in different languages. Usually this refers to written content, and parallel pieces of content – in other words the same article or blogpost topics or titles, but in different languages.

Why is Multilingual Content Creation important?

Creating content in different languages is important for a brand for several reasons:

Reach a Global Audience

Reaching a global audience: By creating multilingual content, a brand can expand its reach and target new markets that speak different languages. This can lead to increased brand awareness and more potential customers.

Build Trust and Credibility with Content in Native Languages

Building trust and credibility: Consumers are more likely to trust and engage with a brand that is available in their native language. By providing high-quality, accurate translations, a brand can build credibility and trust with its multilingual audience, which can lead to more sales.

Differentiate from the Competition

Differentiation from competition: Many businesses overlook the importance of multilingual content creation, making it a unique and valuable asset for a brand. By providing content in multiple languages, a brand can differentiate itself from its competition and stand out in the global marketplace.

Expand Cultural Understanding

Expanding brand’s cultural sensitivity: Multilingual content creation allows a brand to better understand and cater to the needs of different cultures. By being sensitive to cultural nuances, a brand can create a more positive and authentic brand image, leading to more trust and loyalty from customers.

Language Accessibility

Improving accessibility for non-native speakers: By providing multilingual content, a brand can improve the accessibility of its website for non-native speakers. This can lead to more inclusive and equitable access to its products and services, leading to more sales.

Multilingual SEO Benefits

SEO benefits: By creating content and optimizing it for search engines, a brand can increase its visibility and search engine rankings in different languages and locations, leading to increased website traffic and ultimately more sales.

Overall, creating content in different languages is an essential step for a brand that wants to expand its reach, build trust and credibility, and ultimately increase sales. It allows a brand to tap into new markets, reach new audiences, and create a more inclusive and personalized experience for its customers.

Is it better to Translation Content or Create New Content in Each Language

First of all, this depends on what content you already have – you would need to have content in one language in order to translate it to another. It also depends on how quickly you need the new content and which markets you are aiming to serve. If the markets are very diverse, then sometimes it makes sense to create new content from scratch.

There are also times when translating the content is the best approach. Our SEO Translation process can help you to translate content in a SEO-friendly manner. This means that the content will be translated accurately and also that the keywords, tags and other SEO indicators will be reviewed to ensure that your content is able to rank well in the Search Engine Results Page for all of your required languages.

multilingual content creation

Our Multilingual Content Creation Process

The best path to follow often depends on where you are right now in terms of content creation.

For example, do you already have content in other languages?

Do you already have sufficient high-quality content in your main language (usually English)?

What are you trying to achieve with multilingual content creation.

A short discovery call will help us to evaluate your current situation and map out a path to creating content that will convert on a regular basis.

The steps included are:

  1. Assess your current content status
  2. Plan content types and frequency
  3. Establish content languages
  4. Evaluate the need for content creation vs SEO translation
  5. Develop the content calendar
  6. Start creating content
  7. Optimize both new and existing content for SEO
  8. Publish content
  9. Share content on social
  10. Monitor the success of the content over time, in terms of traffic and conversions

Following this process can have a massively positive impact on your traffic and lead generation over the course of several months.

If you would like to find out more about how multilingual content creation can help you and your business, please click on the link below to book a discovery call.

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