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terminology glossary

We work with clients to provide terminology glossaries to ensure the consistent translation of large volumes of work.

Typically this involves reviewing the initial set of documents and constructing the initial glossary.  This initial glossary is then reviewed and agreed by the client.

Once the initial glossary has been agreed, the translation of the first batch of documents can start. As the translators are translating these documents, they will update and add to and amend the glossary as necessary.  This is normally done via a shared document on Google docs or Zoho docs so that all of the participants can contribute easily to the same document.

Once the first batch of documents has been completed, the client then reviews the same, together with the glossary.

The client makes any change that are required to the glossary and then have an improved / extended version of the glossary to work with for the next round of documents.

This feedback process ensures that consistent terms are used throughout all of the documents, in accordance with the client’s preferences.  The quality of the documents gets better and better over time as the glossary is refined.  It is for this reason that we tend to work with clients in the long term.

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